b'{ 2" x 8" Antik 2" x 8" Standard2" x 20" Newport Thin Brick Veneer Thin Brick Veneer Thin Brick VeneerNormandy Cream - Limestone Early Gray - Limestone Cotto Dark - Limestone2" x 8" Antik Thin Brick VeneerTuscan Mustard LOCALLY SOURCEDHook Burger is hooked on sustainabilitynot only with what they serve, but the space they serve it in. As part of this mission, the designer used reclaimed and locally sourced materials whenever possible for the interior dcor, including ARTOs California-made Antik brick. Completing the theme, the bricks Tuscan Mustard pigment derives its unusual color from iron oxides produced by recycled steel scraps reclaimed from car factories. Made from locally sourced and renewable ingredients, the concrete between the veneer is engineered for long life.139 ARTO.COM 310-768-8500'