b'CERAMIC COLORSCandy-bright. Beautifully bold. SubtlyCrafted from unglazed clay, our Classicdifferent glazes, an extensive variety of shaded. ARTO ceramics come in anceramic colors boast their vibrant hue allcolors suitable for virtually any application. assortment of colors to match yourthe way through the tile. Our PremiumWhen installed in a pool, fountain, or personal preferences, style, and space.products begin as red bisques that ourother water feature treated with harsh Lets take a closer look. artisans then glaze. Premium ceramic tileschemicals, Signature glazed products come in an assortment of colors with 22require an over glaze at an additional Different ceramic colors may be bestdifferent glazes available. All Premiumcharge. While protecting the tile, over suited to different applications. To help inproducts are laboratory tested to ensureglazes will also affect the final appearance making the most appropriate selection forthey work with any application.and give the tile an extra-glossy shine. your project and budget, weve groupedPleasenoteallthreeceramiccolor our ceramic products into three colorAlso crafted from red ceramic bisques,categories share different price points.categories based on application and price. ARTOs Signature series comes in 60 CLASSIC SERIES (UNGLAZED)Buff/Blonde (V2) Monrovia Red (V2)Freeze/Thaw Walls Floors Indoor Outdoor Fountain/Pool Pedestrian Vehicular Recycled ContentPrinted images DO NOT represent actual color. Please order a color sample.4" Oleson Ceramic HexagonPersian Blue233 ARTO.COM 310-768-8500'