b'CONCRETE COLORSAt ARTO, theres more to concrete thanline contains 16 unique colors and color the traditional gray. Our concrete productsblends and is sold at a different price point come in a surprising selection of colorsthan the Classic and Premium lines. ranging from earthen tones to warm yellow and reds to soothing greens, and yes, aOften designed to match predetermined spectrum of grays. concretetextures,ARTOcolorsare created with non-fading pure inorganic ARTOs concrete products are groupediron oxide pigments mixed throughout into three color categories. Our Classicthe concrete for durability and longevity. category offers three of our most popularAll V Ratings listed for concrete products concrete colors. The Premium series offersare based on our Standard texture. Please 20 dynamic color choices at the same pricenote that adding texture may increase the point as our Classic colors. Our SignatureV Rating of the product. CLASSIC SERIESCotto Gold (V3) Cotto Dark (V3) Tuscan Mustard (V3)Printed images DO NOT represent actual color. Please order a color sample.Freeze/Thaw Walls Floors Indoor Outdoor Pedestrian VehicularAll of our concrete colors are suitable for all applications.3" x 11" Artillo Concrete PicketCharcoal - Standard239 ARTO.COM 310-768-8500'