b'SIGNATURE COLORWAYSARTO simplifies your multi-colored project with our unique Signature colorways: pre-blended, sorted, packaged color combinations that make installation easier and faster. We also offer select colors that include a variety of pre-selected and pre-packaged textures. For added flexibility and creativity, youre welcome to order custom colorways then sort the included colors into the patterns you want at the job site. Normandy Cream (V4) Hermosa Blend (V4) Portland Vintage (V4) Spanish Cotto (V4)Equal parts Cotto Gold, CottoTuscan Mustard with moreEqual parts Charcoal,80% Cotto Dark and 20% Dark, Tuscan Mustard, andextreme lighter and darkerSidewalk Gray, and NaturalCotto Gold. Standard texture.Artillo Cafe. Vintage texture. variations. Vintage texture. Gray. Vintage texture. Shown with 6" HexagonShown with 6" Hexagon Shown with 6" Hexagon Shown with 6" HexagonLos Verdes (V4) Bastogne (V4) Montage Grays (V4) Magnolia Blend (V4)Equal parts Ocean GreenCustom color blends.Equal parts Charcoal, SidewalkArabesque Pattern 2C Dark, Ocean Green Light,Standard and Limestone textures. Gray, Natural Gray, and Early Gray.Charcoal cross with and Antik. Vintage texture. Shown with 6" Hexagon Vintage texture. Early Gray star.Shown with 4" Square Shown with Arabesque Pattern 12 Limestone texture.Creme Fraiche (V4) Josie Blend (V4) Gray Myst (V4) Winslet Blend (V4)Hacienda with all flashEqual parts Cotto Dark, Hacienda body with a grayArabesque Pattern 8Ccolors. Vintage texture. Cotto Gold, and Tuscan Mustard.wash. Limestone texture. Gray Myst quatrefoil Shown with 6" Hexagon Vintage texture. Shown with 6" Hexagon pattern with Hacienda Shown with 6" Hexagon Limestone cross pattern.Printed images DO NOT represent actual color. Please order a color sample.241 ARTO.COM 310-768-8500'