b'UNDERSTANDING COLOR VARIATIONAll ARTO products are crafted using naturalmaking sure our customers know what ingredients shaped by human hands. Asto expect when it comes to our products such, color variation is an integral part ofcolor variances. The industry-standard our products distinctive personalityandV1 through V4 rating guide explains the why our customers choose ARTO for theirdifferent levels of color variation. Use this environments. We care about meeting andguide to help you choose the right products exceeding expectations. That includesfor your preferences.V1 Uniform Appearance: Differences among pieces from the same production run are minimal. Each piece has the same texture, color shade, and pattern with minimal and insignificant variation from tile to tile. ARTO does not make V1 products.V2 Slight Variation: Clearly distinguishable differences in texture and/or pattern within similar colors. While the texture, color, and shade may move around somewhat from tile to tile, the general appearance from tile to tile is quite similar.Moderate Variation: While the colors present on a single piece of V3 tile will be indicative of the colors to be expected on the other tiles, the amount of color on each piece may vary significantly. The texture color, and shade may change considerably from tile to tile.All the colors present on a single tile will be present to some degree in all of the tiles.Random Variation: Random color differences from tile to tile; one V4 tile may have different colors from that on other tiles, thus the final installation will be unique. Random color differences from tile to tile; one tile may have totally different colors from that on the other tiles. These tiles cannot be selected by the customer from just one or two pieces.231 ARTO.COM 310-768-8500'