b'FIRED UPLocated in USCs acclaimed Marshall SchoolOne of our most popular 3D designs, the of Business, Fertitta Hall offers a modernBuckle is the creation of ARTOs in-house student experience. The lounge serves as adesigner, Dan Carrera. Dans experience stylish, contemporary, and comfortable hubbegan on our factory floor, where he spent a for students to relax, study, and interact indecade elbow-deep in clay and concrete. An between classes. At the center of the spaceartist by nature, Dan moved to our sample is a dramatic linear fireplace accented bydepartment where he combined his passion ARTOs 6-inch 3D ceramic Buckle tiles infor drawing with his knowledge of computer vivid Cadmium Red glazea nod to USCsprograms to bring our most inventive and cardinal school color.unique designslike the Buckleto life. 6" 3D Wall Cladding Ceramic BuckleCadmium Red211 ARTO.COM 310-768-8500'