b'A LEGACY LIVES ONEveryARTOproductbeginswiththeput his skills and ingenuity to use making remarkablestoryofourfounder, Artothin clay brick veneers that bordered the Alajian. The son of an orphaned survivor ofartists murals. the Armenian Genocide, Arto was born in Egypt. He spent his childhood shadowingArto knew he was onto something more his father as he ran the familys shoe factory.than just borders for artwork, so he began In the midst of political unrest, Artos fatherselling and installing his brick veneers in was forced to shutter his factory and movehomes, shops, and restaurants along his his family to Beirut. milk route. As demand grew, Arto seized the opportunity before him. He turned in There,thefamilyencounteredmorehis textbooks, traded his milk truck for his upheaval as Beirut descended into chaosfirst kilns, and launched ARTO Brick.and civil war loomed. Artos search for a city he could call home led him to LosOver the past six decades, Artos company Angeles, with its stunning coastal views andhas continued to expand both in reach and then-minimal traffic. in product. Since his passing in 2014, Artos sons Armen and Vod have kept their fathers Industrious and entrepreneurial like hislegacy and story still very much alive in the fatherbeforehim,Artolandedajobhandcrafted, artisan products made with delivering milk during the day so he couldpassion and precision right here in Los attendnightschooltostudyaviationAngelesArtosfinalhome. Youllfind mechanics.Aftermeetingaceramicistthe heart, soul, and spirit of Arto Alajian in pioneering LAs ceramic art scene, Artoeverything we create.Arto Alajians Business CardSigned by Arto, 1971003 ARTO.COM 310-768-8500'