b'POPULAR SHAPESAt ARTO, we understand that your personalfind just what you need to create playful style and preference doesnt always fit intopatterns, orderly symmetry, or boundary-a square package. Thats why we dedicatebreaking works of art. countless hours to creating inventive, unique, and varied shapes for our products.Most shapes come in a variety of sizes, with some available in both concrete and Choose from dozens of options to bringceramic products. Certain limitations apply your project together. From our basicdepending on the line you select. Please geometric shapes to our unconventionalconsult your local ARTO dealer, a sales forms to our popular arabesque, youllrep, or our detailed price lists for specifics. BACK TO BASICSIf basic geometry is your preference, choose from our wide range of squares, rectangles, octagons, and hexagons for your tiles or pavers. 227 ARTO.COM 310-768-8500'