b'CANTERA REPLICALooking for a festive band for your nextpanels that complement the cantera stone party? Head to Mariachi Plaza, vibrant Eastgazebo in the center of the plaza. Using LAs cultural hub and a great spot to findour Davis Colors Chameleon liquid color and hire musicians. When the Metro Goldbatching system, we were able to faithfully Line Eastside Expansion added a new stationrecreate the color specified by the architect at Mariachi Plaza, the planners wanted thewith the simple touch of a button. To create project to blend in organically with thethe distinctive color and texture combination, existing space. They also knew ARTO hadwe employed an expanded shale aggregate the capabilities to honor this vision. and custom formliner along with surface-exposed colored aggregate. The end result For the stations soaring canopy, we createdis as unique as the techniques we used.a custom finish and color for the concrete 12" x 24" x 1" Custom Concrete PanelsCustom Color and Cantera Stone Texture199 ARTO.COM 310-768-8500'