b'243 ARTO.COM 310-768-8500 STANDARD surface texture,}CONCRETE TEXTURESARTOs Standard concrete texture varies from item to item and does not need to be specified. Just one example of available Standard textures, the Roman tile pictured left features a smooth surfacecompared to other styles and items that feature rough or textured surfaces. LUNAOur most distressed Luna is inspired by the moons fascinating landscape of craters, seas, valleys, and other topographical features. The effect captures ARTOs signature rustic elegance.LIMESTONEOur Limestone surface texture features an organic, weathered appearance that generally lightens the concretes original color. Limestone is a great option for pools and other applications where extra slip resistance is desired. TRAVERTINEARTOs Travertine surface texture adds a rustic, pitted surface to any ARTO color. Choose Travertine as a complement to other materials, or to create your own distinctive appearance. Note: All examples here shown in Natural Gray. Ceramic products do not have texture options.'