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38 At 5/8/2010, 3:56 PM Charlotterolighed wrote in PRiNSESSEMiKELA's guestbook:
Hej, Mange tak (:
og i lige måde :o).
154 At 5/6/2010, 7:40 PM Charlotterolighed wrote in LAURALARSENS's guestbook:
Ej mange tak skat i:
og i lige måde (-: herz.
1,443 At 5/1/2010, 9:44 PM Charlotterolighed wrote in RYMSESBEDSTE's guestbook:
jeg savner også dig Laura B).
358 At 5/1/2010, 9:44 PM Charlotterolighed wrote in emmapedersens's guestbook:
I loove you to ;I herz,
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